Your Comprehensive Guide to Your Daycare Options in Evanston

Apr 21, 2023

We’re proud of Evanston’s A+ schools. This pride extends to those who serve our youngest citizens, which is why we’re proud of our extensive list of local daycare options. After all, before our children are even ready for preschool school, they progress through crucial learning phases. Quality daycare can help with this development. If you are seeking a daycare in Evanston, here is a list to get you started on your search:

The Academy St. Joan of Arc

9245 Lawndale Ave., Evanston, IL

847 972 1003

The Academy St. Joan of Arc pre-school and pre-kindergarten program focuses on developing negotiation, turn-taking, friendship building, and self-care skills.


A Plus Daycare

1517 Oakton St

847 372 0214

Serving children from 6 weeks to 5 years, A Plus Daycare’s focus is on promoting emotional, social, and cognitive development through an encouraging educational experience.


A Step by Step Learning Academy

1909 W Howard St

847 733 7837

Serving children from 6 weeks to 6 years, Step by Step offers full- and part-week STEM-based learning programs designed to accommodate all learning styles.

The Barbereux School of Evanston 

3333 Culver St., Evanston, IL

847 864 3215

Starting with serving children as old as 3 years by September 1, their teachers are committed to working with each child to advance and enhance their learning capacity and expression.


Bright Horizons

1629 Orrington Ave

312 966 4789

Providing daycare for infants and Pre-K children, Bright Horizons focuses on helping children get ready for school by nurturing their natural curiosity and encouraging learning through play.


Chiaravalle Montessori School 

425 Dempster St., Evanston, IL

847 864 2190

With programming that runs from ages 16 months to middle school, they’re focused on offering an experience that inspires independent, compassionate, and innovative thinkers.

Cherry Preschool 

1418 Lake St., Evanston, IL


Cherry Preschool offers programs for children aged 2 to 5, including Transitional Kindergarten, STEM, Pre-K, English/Spanish Dual Language and more.


Childtime of Evanston

St. Francis Hospital

355 Ridge Avenue

888 425 1914

Drawing from the Reggio Emilia approach to preschool education, Childtime of Evanston works to help young children “grow as students and people, in school, and in life beyond.”


Children’s Quest Home Daycare

Southeast Evanston

847 710 2560

Meredith Lownes provides infant and toddler programs with dance, art, and more at a state- and city-licensed daycare one block from the lake.

Covenant Nursery School 

3637 Golf Rd., Evanston, IL

847 675 2993

Focused on nurturing each child’s uniqueness, Covenant Nursery School utilizes a play-based approach for the development of social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language skills.


Evanston Kindercare

2014 Dempster Street

847 869 3456

Evanston KinderCare promises to help children from 6 weeks to 5 years develop “confidence for life” in an environment that focuses on ensuring “fun, health, and safety.”


Evanston Montessori Children’s House

949 Ridge Ave

847 890 2225

Serving 2 to 6-year-olds. Provides a smooth kindergarten transition.

Evanston Montessori Children’s House focuses on promoting the development of responsibility, compassion and respect for those from 2 to 6 years old.

Guidepost Montessori School

1012 Davis Street

847 303 4285

Serving Infants to Pre-K, Guidepost Montessori works to develop a love of learning by equipping each child with the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to reach their highest potential.


Infant Welfare Society of Evanston Baby Toddler Nursery

2200 Main Street

847 491 9650

The oldest independently operating infant toddler child care center in the State of Illinois, they focus on providing relationship-based care for infants and toddlers.


JCC Chicago Early Childhood at Beth Emet Synagogue 

1224 Dempster St., Evanston, IL

847 763 3571

JCC Chicago Early Childhood at Beth Emet Synagogue offers full-day preschool for children 6-weeks to 5 years.


Learning Bridge

1840 Asbury Ave

847 869 2680

Serving children from 2 to 5, the mission of Learning Bridge is “to provide equitable access to high-quality early learning in a caring and safe environment so that every child thrives.”

Little Feet Child Care and Preschool

1940 Weasley Ave

847 864 2745

Owned and managed by state-licensed child care provider Petra Guy, Little Feet offers an age-appropriate curriculum for ages 0 to kindergarten.


The Little Green Treehouse

2814 Central Street

312 492 9876

Serving children from 6 weeks to 5 years, Little Green provides organic meals with lunchtime and tons of indoor and outdoor playtime space for children to learn and grow.



1420 Maple Av

847 475 8580

One of the largest licensed childcare providers in Evanston, McGaw’s Children’s Center offers year-round, full-day early learning programs for infants through preschool.

Northminster Nursery School 

2515 Central Park Ave., Evanston, IL


Experienced teachers guide the development of physical, emotional, academic and social skills in this half-day, non-sectarian program with flexible scheduling for children ages 2 through 5.


Pope John XXIII Preschool 

1120 Washington, Evanston, IL

847 475 5678

The early childhood center at Pope John XXIII features six rooms in which the children transition to different learning centers throughout the day, perfect for 3 and 4-year-old they serve.


Puerta Abierta 

933 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL

847 328 1491

Puerta Abierta welcomes any child as young as 2 whose first language is Spanish or whose parents are interested in their child’s early acquisition of Spanish as a second language.

Reba Early Learning Center

740 Custer Ave

847 475 6840

Reba Early Learning Center Serving provides high-quality and affordable childcare for children 2 to 5 years old.


Roycemore Early Childhood 

1200 Davis St., Evanston, IL

847 866 6055

Founded on the believe that it is their responsibility to meet their individual physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs, their early childhood program serves ages 3 to 5 years old.


School for Little Children 

1427 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL

847 864 3889

A leader in early childhood education since 1934, their Preschool and Kindergarten programs provide the opportunity for children to learn through play and through the arts.

Toddler Town Daycare

1501 W Howard St

847 475 1467

Accredited by the NAEYC, Toddler Town is focused on creating the environment for children to develop their cognitive, emotional, and physical skills.


Total Child Preschool

516 Church Street

847 864 7100

Serving children from preschool to Pre-K, Total Child provides an affordable daycare option.


Unity Preschool of Evanston 

926 Noyes St., Evanston, IL

847 869 7170

Aiming to foster the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each child, they focus on creating a warm, inviting environment for children ages 2 through 5.


With so many options, we’re sure you will find one that’s right for your family.

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