Your Complete Guide to Outdoor Dining Options in Evanston

Jul 14, 2023

Many local residents have long enjoyed al fresco dining while others in the area might have discovered the joys of it more recently, but all can agree that visiting an open-air establishment can create a truly unique and relaxing change of pace.

It’s no wonder that the number of people visiting establishments with outdoor seating – and the number of places offering it – have grown in recent years. Evanston is no exception. Good news, Evanston dog lovers! A few local restaurant patios have been approved for doggie dining!

Those of you living in or near the area now have a wide choice of satisfying outdoor options from places serving hearty breakfasts to those with desserts and perhaps a glass of wine during wind-down time as well as everything in between.

You can pick from coffee shops, hamburger joints, pizzerias, and bakeries to more upscale establishments specializing in such fare as farm-to-table, seafood, steak, Thai, Italian, sushi, vegetarian, and more. And with the start of summer, now might be the perfect time to try a new place or visit a long-time favorite. Why not tonight? So let us at Jackie Mack & More be the first to wish you, “bon appétit!”



1625 Maple Ave.

(847) 570-9821


Bat 17

1709 Benson Ave.

(847) 733-7117

Bennison’s Bakery

1000 Davis St.


Beer on Central

*Dog-friendly patio

1930 Central St.



Berry Pike Café

1100 Davis St.


Blind Faith Café

525 Dempster St.




*Dog-friendly patio

1932 Central St.

(847) 424-0420


Brother’s K

500 Main St.

(847) 328-7940


815 Chicago Ave.


Clarke’s Off Campus

804 Davis St.



Collectivo Coffee

716 Church St.

(312) 535-3001


1928 Central St.



Cupitol Coffee & Eatery

812 Grove St.

(847) 868-8078


Elephant & Vine

719 Church St.



Epic Burger

1622 Sherman Ave.


Firehouse Grill

*Dog-friendly patio

750 Chicago Ave.

(847) 733-1911


Five & Dime

1026 Davis St. Ste. A

(847) 869-4343



2106 Central St.



Frida’s Breakfast & Lunch

618 Church St.

(847) 859-6342



1527 Chicago Ave.


Good To Go

711 Howard St.

(847) 868-8226


Hoosier Mama & Dollop

749 Chicago Ave.


Kabul House

2424 Dempster St.

(847) 674-3830


Kansaku Sushi

1514 Sherman Ave.



Kuni’s Sushi

511 Main St.



La Principal

700 Main St.


Le Peep

827 Church St.

(847) 328-4880



1907 Central St.



Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

1850 Sherman Ave.


Lucky Platter

514 Main St.



Lush Food and Drink

2022 Central St.

(847) 475-6900


Mid Kitchen

1512 Sherman Ave.



Mustard’s Last Stand

1613 Central St. #3


Nakorn Kitchen

1622 Orrington Ave.



Newport Coffee

*Dog-friendly patio

622 Davis St.




505 Main St.



Ovo Frito Café

1936 Maple Ave.

(847) 859-6966

Patisserie Coralie

600 Davis St.



Peckish Pig

623 Howard St.

(847) 491-6778

Peet’s Coffee & Tea

1622 Chicago Ave.



Potbelly Sandwich Shop

630 Davis St.

(847) 328-1800



*Dog-friendly patio

528 Dempster St.



Prairie Moon

1635 Chicago Ave.

(847) 864-8328

Ridgeville Tavern

1520 Sherman Ave.

(847) 905-0485



2632 Gross Point Rd.



Shinsen Evanston

*Dog-friendly patio

1322 Chicago Ave.


 Siam Paragon

*Dog-friendly patio

503 Main St.



Soul & Smoke

1601 Payne St.


Stacked & Folded

*Dog-friendly patio

824 Noyes St.

(847) 328-9100



1734 Sherman Ave.



Taco Diablo

1026 Davis St.

(847) 869-4343

Tapas Barcelona

1615 Chicago Ave.

(847) 866-9900


Temperance Beer Co

2000 Dempster St.

(847) 864-1000

Ten Mile

1700 Central St.



The Barn Steakhouse

Rear, 1016 Church St.



The Celtic Knot Public House

626 Church St.



The Wine Goddess

702 Main St.

(847) 475-9463

Thomas & Dutch

703 Church St.



Trattoria D.O.C.

*Dog-friendly patio

706 Main St.

(847) 475-1111

Trattoria Demi

1571 Sherman Ave.

(847) 332-2330


Union Squared

1307 Chicago Ave.


Yasotorn Thai

809 Dempster St.



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